Monday, December 22, 2008

A story to share...


Yes...believe it or not....I'm back after a long rest...

Actually, what makes me want to write in this post is because I felt touched by a story about a young boy.... This story held 20 years ago

This young boy lived in a small farm house with his father. 12 years after his birth, mother of this boy died. Before she died, she whispered on the boy's ear, ...saying "My love, my all..although I'll go and will never be seeing you again...believe me dear. I always wanted to see you grow up. Grow up as a successful man with a big'll inspired hundreds of people who know your story."

Being grew up by only a father, is not an easy kind of life. As the only son and child, he took responsibility in taking care of his father hospitality...

Even though his father worked as a horse trainer, he able to sent his only child to medium school.

One day, at the school...the English teacher asked all of the students to do an essay regarding what they wanted to be in the next 10 years. The assignment supposed to be submitted day after. As a big dreamer, this young & ambitious boy started to draft out and write about his dream. Dream that nobody's knew either it will be coming true or not...

The day after, the essay submitted...and he was so happy and confident that his essay will be the best essay as it was come naturally from his heart.

On the next day, the results came out...all of the students got average marks....only this young boy quite different...guess what??? He got F+ which represents worst marks ever. All the students laugh and so the teacher.

This young boy cried...and asked the teacher why?...this is the answer. "Dear, it is not a fantasy world. Your dream will almost makes me unable to sleep, is impossible and nobody can achieved it in this small town and especially you. How you gonna achieve your dream if your father only can afford you with only 50 cents a day."...."Ok, I'll give you a go back...change your essay title and I will you a better marks"...then the teacher continued laughing.

Crying and dissapointed, this young boy ran to see his father with the essay in his hand..When his father asked, he gave the essay paper and his father read cautiously.

Finished reading, then his father asked..."why you got failed? This is the best essay at the age of yours I've ever read...". Then the boy tell his father about the whole story.

One question exits in the boy's lips after that..."Shall I change my essay title papa...???"

With full of loves his father answered..."Son, you know what to do. The answer was told before..."

The boy can't sleep thinking about his father hint..."How should I know...?" Suddenly...with the answer got in his mind...he felt asleep.

The next day, he resubmitted his essay without single changes in the paper. The teacher shocked and started to get angry...but then boy said...

" I'm sorry teacher...maybe you can keep your F+ marks for me. But, let me keep my dream..."

20 years later @ present

This school teacher still working as senior tutor in one of the town well known public school (as the school is the record holder for 6 consequence years in 'top students' producer). One day, the school got chances to visit one of the largest horse ranch in the town and a millionaire who already contribute 200,000 USD for the school renovations.

The old lady @ school teacher is the representative of the school who will meet the millionaire at the ranch.

After reaching the is the time to meet the owner of the ranch.

What a extreme shock the teacher felt...without any single words. She cried when she saw the owner.
Guess what??? The owner is the young boy with the F+ essay, who failed by his teacher just to have a big dream. His dream was to own a largest horse ranch in town and own hundreds of horses. He just smiled to the teacher and say..."Hi Miss Laura, still remember me. I have no chances to meet you before this. I still want to thank to you.. because without you who kept my F+, I will be disabled to achieve my dream . Here I am...thanks again, my dear teacher."

The teacher stood still silently then slowly whispered to the millionaire.."My dear child...I've killed hundreds of dreams before. Non of them able to fight me but you. I am very sorry by failing you 20 years ago...please forgive me"

Without any grudge and feelings for revenge...the millionaire @ young old boy invited her and all of the students for a lunch.

The end.

My thoughts...

Ya people...I am very sorry to write the story on my own way. I think I have worst English grammar and skills...not like most of you especially in my medical course's English GUNG-HO. You have better English than mine...

But, remember my words...I have a big dream, and I don't know about you. You can judge me based on my English grammar...give me fail grades for this. Keep you marks...but I'll keep my dream.

See you and hopes you get something here.