Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Women Same Like Computer

Hi All,

Before you read further, let me remind u that this is just a joke told from my friend when I was working in Sabah. No heart feelings, or feeling offended and it may not meant anything bad...

As the source come from a book ... being pass from mouth to mouth. So, just read and forget it o.k...

Hehe...trust me it's funny.

Why woman same like computer?

1. Woman is like a computer, it takes time to choose which computer may fulfilled your needs.
2. Woman is like a computer, you purchase it today...tomorrow, new one come out.(hahahaha)
3. Woman is like a computer, once you purchase...half your salary used for accessories.
4. Woman is like a computer, all mistakes will be stored in hard drives and difficult to deleted...
5. Woman is like a computer, once get infected (by influences)...the program always malfunction.
6. Woman is like a computer, they can upgrade the memory to stored all mistakes you have made...
7. Woman is like a computer, they will always remind you to update the program although you already push 'Remind me Later' reminder.
8. Woman is like a computer, although you already deleted some data, they can restore it thru 'Recycle Bin'.
9. Woman is like a computer, it is very sensitive to pressure and shock.


10. Woman is like a computer, without them we are nothing.....

Take care.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A story that made me cried.........


Few days ago, I surfed the web and one picture reminded me this story.

This story was told few years back by my line of mentors in Malaysia, a group of leaders that I will never ever forget.

Enjoy the story...

A boy who demand loves...

Lived in a peaceful neighborhood, one father never expected that his love towards his son got into a junction. He need to choose either to live with what he wanted or his son's request...

As a mediocre person, the father will wake up early in the morning to go to work. He belief that when you want something you need to sacrifice something...means, although he has not enough valuable time with his son, but the need of getting money and 'high class' of lifestyle enforced him to keep going and searching for more money. However, its not only for him but also for his son...

In the other situation, his son,7 yrs old, who now live alone without love of a mother (tragically involved in accident 1 year ago), getting thirsty not for his father's money...presents...toys...or whatever young children usually need...but, more to his father's love and time.

The situation in this family got worsen, after the father was promoted to become VP in one of the major company his working with.

One day, this little boy ask his father..."Papa, tomorrow could you play a baseball with me...I want to play with you papa...plsss."said the boy.

Without looking, his father answered, "Ok, I promise you son."...then he continued doing his calculations.

What a big smile expressed on the child's face. After such a long time, he never played with his father. Now, his father suddenly agreed to play with him...what a shock but wonderful time he had.

The day after, which was the day this child waiting for...he woke up early in the morning. Got dressed, and managed himself alone.

He run to his father's room..."Papa,papa.. come let's play..."

Another shock happen, ... his father already got dressed. But, got dressed and ready to attend a very important task in his workplace...

Then the child asked his father,"Where do you want to go papa...?" asked this little boy.

"I need to go to work son. They call me this morning...I need to attend it. It's important..."answered the father while holding his son's shoulder.

"But, we already made a promised yesterday...weren't you?"the child sounded sadly.

"Ya...but you see Jack, I need to go to work, to provide us delicious foods, big toys for you and whatever you wanted to have..."the father replied.

"I know, but I already have all that, now the only thing I want is to play with you, papa..pleaseee,"answered the child again.

After a short paused, the father quiet and don't know what to do...

Then the child asked his father,"Papa, how much the company pay you...?"

It is quite strange when a 7 yrs old child asked such a question..."Why you asked such question?"

"I just want to know...please answer me..."continued the child.

"Erm, ok...50 bucks per hour...so, now you need to answer me then, why you asked this question?" asked the father.

The child asked again,"So today how long you will work?"

"6 hours only..."father answered.

"That means, you will got paid 300 bucks rite, for today?"stated the child...


"Then I know what to do, I want you to stay here...don't go anywhere."the child requested.

Running quickly to his room, getting his chair and climb up to his cupboard..the boy reached his piggy bank.

The piggy bank had stored such quite amount of money, where came from allowances, gifts from his grandparents and uncle John, his father eldest brother.

He broke the piggy bank and grab the money inside, it is about 100 bucks...

He ran again to his father room,

"Papa, I know I have not enough money to pay you...but, I have 100 bucks now. If I pay you, would you play with me for 2 hours,please???" begged the boy...

Tears felt on his father's eyes...

-The End-

I know this story, should not be ended in such a way...but I did it on purpose.


I want you all to think, what if you are the one who stuck in this situation?

a. Would you ignore your child's request.
b. Would you break promises you made.
c. Would you jeopardize you career for you child.
d. Would you take you child's money instead the company...
e. or, you don't ever wished it happens.

Believe me friends, sooner or later all of us will follow the flow of life...

Get a good grade, good promising salary's job, got married, have children, nice house, perfect lifestyle...

But, to get these, most of us need to sell our time...and when we sell our time to a big company, how about our time to the family.

Some said, it's o.k...But,you know what? Its not o.k when you cant see your child grow.

The most important time for a child is during early of his life. This is the time when they need love most...but, unfortunately...this is also a time for us (maybe as a doctor) to get involved in high promising kind of lifestyle.

Erm, so what to do? I have the answer...but what about you?

Wise person can think...

p/s: This story never made to mock or insult anyone...even myself got into a dilemma when asked about this. But, like I said...we all can think.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deep Aprreciations From Both of Us

Salam and Good Day,

This post I specially dedicate to some people that help us financially post-operation of my wife. Your effort in helping us will never be forgotten.

Thanks to...

1. PERUBATAN (Egypt) in general especially the higher committee members.
2. PCM (Mansoura Chapter) especially, Saudara Izzat Kamal - President, the 'Kebajikan' commitee - Ain and Izzati, members of PCM and all of you that I forgotten to mention here.
3. BKPSM (Sabah) especially the President - Mr. Amir, and Vice President - Miss Nafsah D. and BKPSM members.

Good Friend stays Forever.....

Personally, thanks to...

1. Taqi
2. Amir Faliq
3. Amir Farhan
4. Fuad
5. Fadhil
6. Siti Naquia
7. Amin
8. Haq
9. Sabu
10. Pah
11. Ijad
12. Kojie, Arep,Sidek & Hafiz Fauzi
13. Wardati, Ja, Dhamirah and Miriam
14. Che Nadia (ZZG)
15. Wani, TJ, Ulfa, Deena, Maya & Mimi
16. Iffah and Effa
17. Mr. Sabli Aliju (Sabah Officer)
18. Yani & Ily
19. Afifah
20. Shafiq
22. Mr. Amat Tawau
23. Khai, Abai & Ayee
24. All of you, that I forgotten to mentioned here but never in my heart.

Thanks for the support...thank you very much. We love you all.

Azmy & Dk

Avoid Distractions and Negative People...

Salam and Good Day,

Sitting in this small chair and staring at the laptop reminds me about what my mentor, had advised me few years back about distractions.

Distractions are the biggest enemy which can deviate us from the 'original goal and target' ... and for the long term results, stealing our dream and purpose in life. I reminded myself about this issue day after day....reminding and keep reminding that distractions will not only come from individual's habit or negative attitude but also influences that come from the closest friend, belongings or even our own pet.

I want to ask you all something....

e.g. Let see you want to get excellent result in your exam...what are the major temporary distractions that will hold you away from this????

Some of you may or may not realized...but i received most complain saying,

1. I always watch TV more than I study
2. I am sick.
3. Tired.
4. Lot of social society work need to be accomplished.
5. I always stick to the video game.
6. I can't resist internet.
7. I always think about food.
8. My friend always ask me out.
8. etc.

Well...let me tell you what my mentor always said to me previously to overcome distractions.

1. Try to eliminate it or if you can't .... just keep trying.
2. Try to minimized it slowly.
3. And, if you still can't do anything...please refer to step no. 1


Because by the end of the day, they are only the commentators and 'permanent distractors'.

Example that I have done to eliminate distractions (sometimes only temporary to achieve certain goal e.g. long run study or work)

1. When I prone to surf internet more when I want to study...I disconnect the plug.
2. When I think this person have something he/she want from me purposely that can let me to laziness...avoid them.
3. When I think 'this kind of social meeting' waste my time...never attend.
4. When I think 'this kind of people' will bring me harm...repel them.
5. When I always listen to music and wasting my time...switch off or even hide the source that contribute to it.
6. When people always comment the way you did your job...let them.

Simply say, distractions may appear small or big, the only thing is, you need to be wise avoiding them.

Remember, distractions and negative people can take your dream away.

You need to be wise handling them.

What about negative people? What Should You Do to Avoid them?....JUST AVOID OR REPEL THEM AS FAR AS U CAN TEMPORARILY.

Negative people that I meant.

1. The one who promised you something but never fulfilled it.
2. The one who is not punctual with time.
3. Lazy people.
4. Lack of discipline towards him/herself.
5. The one that always say 'You can't do it..."
6. Always say something is too impossible to achieve.
7. Many more.....

One of the key to failure is to let distractions, distract you......

So, today find your goal...recognized you distractions...and eliminate anything that may lead you to nowhere.

Good luck.

'Holding a golden key meant nothing unless it can be used to open the door'- as my idol always say.