Friday, June 13, 2008

So,which quadrant do you want to be???

Hahaha...a lot of people requested me to continue the descriptions about remaining quadrant of people. Yes, we haven't discuss what is actually meant by self-employed, business owner or investor.

Before I proceed, just to remind ourselves again that the 1st quadrant - The Employee; will not own their life but lending their life to the employer. No option guys...remember this!!! But don't ever misunderstood for what actually I'm trying to say. Whatever quadrant you wanted to be, as long as you enjoying it, go on...enjoy. Enjoying your employee quadrant is my pleasure ....

But, let me tell you that we still have another 3 options...

  • Self-employed (Which most people mistakenly defined between it and 'Business Owner')
  • Business Owner (The Quadrant that I always dreamed for)
  • Investor (I'll learn how to be great on it)

I'll make the descriptions short and simple (as I don't want to waste my time on this quadrant...)

10 disadvantages about this quadrant...
  1. Worse than employee quadrant ( as you will be the boss, 'Kuli' @ employee, the rules and the products - to know more what I'm trying to say ~ email me privately).
  2. No time for family and yourself. (If you want more money)
  3. High risk for bankruptcy.
  4. No proper business systems.
  5. Money come based on time you spend on your biz. (e.g. if you have a clinic, your income started to go in when you open it, and income stops when you close it)
  6. No leverage and no branches.
  7. Business controls you, not you that controls it.
  8. High cost for opening but low possibility of returns.
  9. Business growth rate only 30% maximum. Not more than that...
  10. Local business, no chances to go abroad.
5 advantages being self-employed better than employee.
  1. You can choose between time (for you or family to get together) and money~ choose one only ya...(you can have more personal time but less money to gain or vice versa, not like an employee ~ no choice)
  2. All profits will be yours.
  3. You're the boss...people maybe respect you.
  4. No restrictions in ideas to grow you business.
  5. It's all depends on your ability, the wiser you are, the better. (But it is only 'if')
So, one more quadrant already being exposed. Just stop and think, weren't you just decided to open our own shop, clinic, firm or even supermarket??? Erm, how great you can be a self-employed? Or, maybe a better great are you being a 'superman' who decides to be the boss, employee and manager???

Want to know more, I suggest you to read the book that I recommended previously....

Business Owner

Yes...I like this quadrant. But, it needs a very keen, hardworking and 'strong desire' man to get growing in this quadrant. This quadrant of people is different...very much differents with the previous two. This kind of people have their time and money...means...they win both.

Hah??? How come??? "How could we get both time and money...Nonsense lah you...

Well, believe it or not , yes we can...

The answer to all this is 'System'.
Wise people or businessman don't open a shop or clinics or firm...But they 'sell' it. They believe in power of leverage and 'build it now, get paid forever' principles.

Still don't get it...

It is beyond my 'time' to describe this quadrant...but let us imagine this situation.

A self-employed, such as a lawyer or doctor (just an example ~ takde kena mengena ngan yang hidup atau yang dah mati) must open their 'shop' every morning...spend their time waiting for the customer to come. They don't trust people so they will be the one who open their 'shop'. They also will be the worker such as cashier, the dispatcher and manager. Income will come from 8am - 8 pm. After that, when they close the 'shop' money lah. Go back home...tired...sleep...tomorrow wake up again and open the shop.

Day by day...the bone get 'porose' and body gets more energy to open the 'shop' more money...wait until 'somebody' that they can trust to replace them. But, nobody will continue the totally close and wait lah till dying day. Fortune stopped. Story finished. (Harap anak2 nak ganti...yalah tu!!!Try me...the story berjangkit ngan anak2 punya kehidupan)

But, this is the story of business owner...
First three years, no money business grow...nothing we can see. Why??? This kind of people believe the power of "Delay Gratifications". The first 3 or 5 years they were so busy planning, creating, modifying, learning, building and creating the "SYSTEMS".

After the "SYSTEM" created...they will announce the opening. But, they will only announce the name of the company and the owner...why?

Example (Imagine this situation ya...)

In a quiet afternoon I will invite reporters, local newspaper man, VIPs, shareholders, future employees and future customers. This is my speech...

"I'm Azmy... will be opening my new company S.M Inc. which will be fully operating soon. My new C.E.O is Mr. Rahman and Marketing Officer Mr. George. Anything, please do ask them...Thank you.

What????So, what is the point you open a company without you operating it?????Nonsense, jerk lah come, this story merepeklah...

Well, if you think it that wonder you will be ended same like your 'descent' (sorry no heart feelings..hehe).

Imagine Giant Superstore, KPPJ, Jaya Jusco, and many more...did you see the owner of the company around, entertaining you. Did or do you??? I bet, nobody ever see the owner..but why still the company keep operating and gaining profits...In fact, maybe, on the time while you 'shopped', the owner and their family - or the shareholders; enjoying their holiday in Switzerland, skiing. But the business still keep the money in...more and more.

Do you get what I'm trying to say...what?No...then stop over here. Maybe, it is not the right time for you to think this complex method...or my English too "Canggih"...hahaha.

For you that might get the point, well done...Good Luck. I will not share anything anymore...Find the 'way' by yourself. If you don't want...your business, not mine.

Because, in this world we have 3 kinds of people:

  1. People that see the opportunity and grab it...
  2. People that see the opportunity and waste it...
  3. People that couldn't see all. (Pity...)
Build your 'System' now my dearest friend...we still have time. Remember, learn the power of 'leveraging' and develop a 'business minded' habit. Train yourself...

Oh, ya...Investor Quadrant??? Learn to be the business owner first..then we talked about this quadrant ya...because it is very complicated. Even I am still learning too. But, for the tips...I just wanted to tell you "Saving Money in the bank is not is just a saving, not more than that"...

Thanks, adios amigos...Azmy 'The Dreamer".

Future post...The Dream is Everything.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

4 Quadrants of People...

(Before continue reading please read the rules from 1st post of mine)

Hi, I'm this post I want to share something valuable with you all. As some of us might enter 'working lifestyle' or mediocre life, it is better to know something outside there.

Before I proceed, do you know what is actually we might enter after finishing our studies...I don't mean to let anyone down but this is the fact...JOB !!!
Face the facts that:
  • 80% of people in this world will be working under 20% of people.
  • You might be an employee, self-employed, business owner and Investor.
Now, let me ask you...what do you want to be and in which quadrant you preferred to be?
Are you sure?Let me asked you again...based on what you are doing now, do you think you will be what you expected to be soon...?Do you know what is actually definition on each of the quadrants?

I'm suggesting if you wanted to know more, please read this book by Robert Kiyosaki, The Cashflow Quadrant as I can only share little and perhaps, it is only the summary of the whole story.

Since childhood, I am sure each of us was taught to choose an ambition. Some may wanted to be a doctor, police officer and even a lawyer (No offense to anybody). We've been trained to wake up early in the morning, wear proper and tidy cloth, must be punctual to school, have homeworks, rewards given after achieving 'excellent' in results, never issued what was being told to do in school, mastering some subjects and many more. What is actually the concept trying to show us? Think people...

Yes, since the age of 6 we've been trained to be such a good employee soon. And as you know, employee consists of 80% of people. You will need to get up early, punctual to work, wear proper attire, choose your own speciality and by the end of the month, salary given as rewards. So, your life is not actually your life, but your life was owned by 20% of people, and that might be your employer. Well, it is not wrong...but I bet most of you chose to be Business Owner or Investor in my previous questions, right? So, can I say you are now going to different directions...because you are heading to be good employee..

5 things you should know about being an employee...

  1. Your time is controlled by others...
  2. Your money based on time you spend on working...more work more salary.
  3. Your life is in your boss' hands.
  4. Your opinion is the last option that might be considered.
  5. You will not get your DREAM. As, you have no controlled over time and money.
Now, do you know what are the differences between self-employed, business owner and Investor?

What should we do to be free in controlling our life, time and money. I guest you will get the answers soon...I'm tired now. Chowww....

To be continued...

Do this while you're still alive....

I will share a very touching story about 'appreciation'...I adapted the story from the collections in my mini library. Although it is just a story in the book, It was happened to me recently...during my wedding day when I invited my form 5 Math's tutor and BM's teacher.

The story is like this....

On my wedding day, I invited My Math's teacher who was once insulted me in front of my mother and friends (whom also the person that keep my dream burning and flaming by his insultations until now ~ but I realized it was for good) by saying 'I have no hope for Azmy for this SPM ~ 99' " and my BM's teacher who keep 'her patience' with my 'naughty bad attitudes'.

By the end the ceremony these conversations occured...

  • Azmy & Dk : Thank you Cikgu for coming...
  • BM's teacher : (She started to cry...sobbing) Azmy & Dk,I feel very happy for both of you.Thanks for inviting me...After 8 years,only both of you still remember me. I heard a lot of your friends got married...but no one ever inform me. I knew the news from others only. I am very dissapointed...Thanks again and I love both of you.
  • Azmy & Dk : Thank you sir for coming....
  • Math's tutor : I am the one that should thank you Azmy...I still remember all my students. I praised them, teached them keenly but I never saw your ability. I heard now you're continuing your medical degree...I am proud of you. You're the one that still move on.I never got invited like this...never from my ex-student. Maybe I was wrong about you when you said, you will prove something to me in the future...and I still remember when I said nothing can be proven from you Azmy.Thanks Azmy...
Maybe some of you will say, I am creating fake stories...well, depends but I am not. You will never know the power of saying "Thank you teacher for what you have gave to me..." until years passes by.
Now let us go to the stories below...enjoy!!!

The Life Changing Gift of Appreciation By Barbara Glanz

In my keynote speeches and workshops, Care is an acronym I use for the elements of a caring,
creative, joyful workplace and home. The "A" in CARE stands for "Appreciation for ALL."
As I speak about appreciation, I use this quote by Albert Schweitzer:

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another
human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light."

Then I ask my audiences to please shut their eyes and think about someone, who at some time in their lives, has rekindled their inner light. I leave the room in silence for several minutes, and it is always a profound experience as they remember the JOY they received from being appreciated by someone when they needed it the most.

Afterwards, I ask them to write down the name of the person they thought of and to commit to their own act of appreciation letting that person know in the next 72 hours that he or she was thought of. I suggest a phone call, a note, or even a little prayer if they are no longer living.

After one moving session, a gentleman came up to talk with me and thanked me for creating a new awareness in him. He said he thought of his eighth grade literature teacher because she was everyone's favorite teacher, and had really made a difference in all of their lives. He planned to track her down and let me know what happened.

One afternoon nearly two and a half months later I received a call from him. He was choked up on the phone he could hardly get through his story. He said that it had taken him nearly two months to track his teacher down, and when he finally found her, he wrote to her.

The following week he received this letter:

Dear John,

You will never know how much your letter meant to me. I am 83 years old, and I am living all alone in one room. My friends are all gone. My family's gone. I taught 50 years and yours is the first "thank you" letter I have ever gotten from a student. Sometimes I wonder what I did with my life. I will read and reread your letter until the day I die.

He just sobbed on the phone. He said, "She is always the one we talk about at every reunion.She was everyone's favorite teacher- we loved her! But no one had ever told her... until she received his letter.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It was a long time ago....

Perhaps before I started to 'make some noise' all should know 10 things about me :
  1. My English is not as good as you all...but my advantage rather than you is that, I'm not afraid trying and failing.
  2. I am a Big Dreamer... I 'repels' small thinker.
  3. I don't give a damn for what you might think about me.
  4. I don't like to underestimate and overestimate people.
  5. I am married to my lovely wife, Dk Herlinda, after 7 years of friendship and love. (Some of you might critics...but please refer to point number 3.Thanks)
  6. I am an open-minded person...but, I still don't like if something/someone/somebody/samseng interfering my interest.Get the hell out of my life...
  7. I like to make friends...
  8. I love my family,country,state and Prime Minister...don't ever say bad things about all of these. You'll pay for it then...sooner or later. [James Bond ~ 007]
  9. I like reading any kind of motivational books and attending motivational & business seminars...
  10. Actually, I don't know how to 'do' this Blog2 things...teach me ya.Thanks...
Setelah penat ber'English'...mari ber'Malay' plak....

I write this blog is to share with anyone of you that might be interested to know,'What makes us have guts to continue our study in medical field...'. A lot of people in our working days said,'Azmy & Dk, tak sayang kah tinggalkan gaji yang tinggi, with your Ford 4x4 tuh...". & ada pula yang kata, "Dah tua-tua nih, yakinkah boleh teruskan...".

Hehehe...well people, inilah yang anda akan hadapi ketika sudah bekerja nanti.Kawan-kawan yang bukannya sebaya korang,but, lebih tua 15 - 20 years.With these kinds of peer-pressure and influences, not many of graduates with high paid salary and sedentary lifestyles have guts to continue me. Only those who has a bigger dream and strong disciplines will move further...

I have friends and colleagues yang terpaksa bekerja dengan 'company' because they need the money and that kind of 'lifestyle' and takut kehilangan their 'Good Life'. I remembered when one of my personal and business mentor said to me, "If you want to have a Great Life, you need to exit from The Good Life or else you will end up where you''ll be headed..again & again". Infact, he also reminded me about what a billionare, Robert Kiyosaki (writer of Rich Dad Poor Dad top selling books) said, "Working for money and allowance is quite the same as donkey, you will keep walking until they end of the day and get paid for the same amount of 'food'...". Bukan maksudnya, we all not supposed to ask for salary..No No No... but the reason to do something need to be clear and wise enough.

To be honest, I like business rather than being high paid slaves, 'Doctor', that proud walking over here and there exposing themselves as 'specialist' and 'the great healer'. But, tak dinafikan juga, it is one my dream in my Dream List. But, my dream is not being totally 'A doctor'...but 'A wise doctor cum MultiBillionaire Businessman'. I don't know sejauh mana you all punya dream, but that is mine.

Ramai orang berkata, "Besarnya impian, tak takut ke kecewa..."...Well, what I wanted to say ...No, I tak takut langsung cause that is my dream, not my nightmare.Some 'negative morons' sometimes said to me, "You can't dream that Big, you'll fail and get deeply hurt...". Well 'morons' ... I will'll see.

Pernahkah anda ditanya oleh seorang 'Doctor Specialist yang angkuh' soalan sebegini..."Well, Azmy...I heard you want to be a doctor, are you sure? (sambil gelak sinis)..."
And this was my answers:-

"Yes dr. xxxx, certainly...but my real dream is not only being a doctor, but to have my own hospital, so I can hire people like you working for me, and I will just relax waiting for the money to come while enjoying traveling with my family..." ~~~ sadly terus beredar.

Am I wrong to have that kind of dream...No, I don't think so. Bukan niat nak riak atau takbur, tidak sama sekali, but, I hate Dream Stealer...selalu curi dream orang lain and hoping others can't achieve their dream.

Cukuplah setakat ni dulu post ni....wait for my next post about "How actually we go through and why we want to be a Doctor....Part 2" ~~~ tunggu....