Friday, April 3, 2009

These are my recommendations..

Salam and Good Day to all readers,

Several days ago I was asked by one of my friend about what books to read either to increase our motivations, view towards real life, facing failure and mix with high 'class minded' person. This question not only once, but actually been asked since a long time ago...

Believe me, you don't know how many self-help books me and my wife read. Especially, when facing hundred of rejections since secondary school till the moment of medical degree sponsor applications and even now. I'm not a perfect person or a great one, but trying to improve my attitudes and mind setting towards success in life are the main goal for me.

Of course, the only 'kitab' for each of us, which the ultimate one is Al-Quran especially me as Muslim. Nothing can compete it and each single word mean something that when we try to think it is beautiful and can guide us towards Glory. Even, I believe, if you are non-Muslim, you are also gifted by your own holy guidance book e.g. Bible for Christian.

But, let us see in the other scope. I mean the public reading books. These books which I recommended strongly actually helps me a lot in facing the life during previous days and even now.

A lot of stories which I not intend to describe (find out yourself if you think it's worth for you)...will change your view towards failure, mediocre kind of life, challenges, power of believing and dreams and even strategy to get out from 'Rat Race'.

ya...Rat Race?...erm...don't know what it is? Fin d out guys...

Most of people (close minded one) avoid reading this kind of books, as they say it is 'nonsense'. Some resist to read as they say "I satisfied with my life...".

Well, if you think so...congrats.

But for whom that want to know more about 'World, Life and Reality', these are some books which I read and recommend for you all.

'Menuntut Ilmu Biar Sampai Liang Lahat'...most of us say it, but less to apply it. So read a lot ya. Don't just stick with 'one kind of mind or attitude' e.g. I am happy with current financial status and what I have now (believe me, tomorrow nobody will know). Be Wise...

Readers are Leaders.

Enjoy Reading...