Monday, August 31, 2009

Pengalaman Cuti Summer 2009 Part 1 - M'sia

Hi All and Assalamualaikum,

It's almost 3 mths I'm here in M'sia, and a lot of new experiences I've learned. As you all know, I like to simplified my writings, so I will do so here in my new post....

What are my experiences...?

1. Best friend is not forever...

Who said best friends are forever? I objected those words. Why?... because one of our 'bestest' friend...proves it all wrong. We were in Tawau Airport to sent one of our friend from Semenanjung that day when we suddenly surprised by this 'immoral' and 'irritating' attitude by this BF who acts like we were not there. Erm, didn't see us kah? was only 10 feets away ma...

This friend previously studied oversea, sponsored by one well known Bank (I know u know that bank...banyak di duit kertas). Bukan main ya kau J....sombong mau !@#$%^.

Kesimpulannya, bukan semua BFF tu forever...the only BFF yang hingga kini we considered forever adalah seperti you all,Anne and Effa...yang lain...MFF...missing friend forever.

2. Like Dr. House said 'Don't trust Anyone'

Ini lagi satu episod cerita bikin panas...Have you trusted Somebody and that Somebody stabbed you at the back. This happens to my Mom...FYI, my mom's company is one of the major rice dealer in Tawau..Syarikat Sri Mawar. Tak pernah dengar...memanglah...because you bukan orang Tawau.Hehe...

You know what ? My mom's BFF open a new company after spying on her company...and take all the opportunity, business ventures, business deals, and customers...most of them. Laki bini sama...Talam dua Muka.

Not enough, in one of the organizations here in Tawau...she tried to overtook the position from the leader...Hahaha...Greedy man..!!

Anyhow, Good Luck Makcik M.....we begin ya that competition...Nguahahah...

3. Money is not Everything, but without it...we are also Nothing.

This is very sad story and experiences of mine. Ya, by the age of 27, what will you feel if you see all of your friends have their own house, cars (paid by themselves) and your siblings worked and get those 'Money'. I feel embarassed and very inferior to myself...

I know my mom tidak sampai hati, she knows I still in school...she gave me a lot already. But, I am yhe eldest mind is to make them feel light and not burden by me especially in 'Money Matters'.

So, I took an action during the beginning of Ramadan. I borrowed RM 100 from my grandma, me and wife don't even have capital bah..!!! We bought all the necessary stuffs to start small business, Sup Tulang Sup Perut and Sup Daging...

Both of us struggle everyday to caught customer's eyes. Hampir jatuh airmataku melihat my wife, Dk, shouting and promoting the soup. What kind of husband, I am? She tried to sell the soup as many as she could...but everyday we only can profits not more than RM 10.

From that day I know, without can be somebody that you will never expected to be...whatever it is...either Positive or negative one. For me, I know...from this experience, i've got 2 things.

- Business Experiences

- Self- Motivations

4. Changes in Environment can change your Personality

Mungkin ada sesetengah anda pernah membaca buku tentang Personality and Self Guided Motivation Books. Do you know, our Personality built by What we see, what we listen, What we read and with whom we mix with.

Everytime I went back to Egypt, the environment teaches me to be patient and hardly got angered.

But not here in Malaysia. As a typical Choleric guy... I am bad tempered sometimes...or if not, always. Easily got mad...and pls, it's not me for the moment.

You know environment change bah...erm...more to Superleader...not supervisor.Huahua...

5. Plan Something and ready to Fail

6. Small Business Gives Large Experiences

7. Confidence is the most Important Weapon

8. Eldest Child Means Huge Challenges

##Point 5-8 to be elaborate in next post...

Salam and Good day.