Monday, February 16, 2009

Keep The Faith

Salam and Good Day to All,

Yesterday, was a very great day for some of medical students here in Mansoura- Manchester Program as some had passed the exam. But, unfortunately some not achieving their Goal and 'desire'...

For those who failed the exam...well, try again...sometimes Failure is the Best Medicine for Success.

I still remember those days, when I've failed in examination for certain subjects in school...Nobody say something to me, or even raised me up. Not even a close friend...

This life teaches us to strive everything by our own...Like a birds, you need to spread your wings to fly. You can't rely on anyone to spread it for you...

Falling and Failing is quite the same. Sometimes our faces might landed on the rough soil or road, wounds and scratches appear...but for those who believe it is just a key to miracle, they will take it as nothing.

Living in a small village, teach me how to grab opportunities whenever it flashes in front of me...

Raised in just a 'plate of rice' taught me...suffering will not get us killed, but it will teach us how to survive...

Crying for what you don't want will never change anything, but crying for something that you desire might get you what you want...I believe in this statement.

I cried because I can't get 'together' in school 'intelligent boy' society leads me to nowhere...adds, its only drive me to deeper failure...But, when I risk myself and crying for what I I am, pursuing what I want...a doctor's profession.

I still remember what Winston Churchill said in his speech, "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasms."

Now I asked you, how many of you practice this...?

I saw teardrops yesterday, and I heard somebody cried, including my wife....
Because they not achieving their goal,
Even myself got beaten and not achieving my own Goal...

But for me, success or getting and excellent result itself not a seasonal target, but everyday target...

That means, the true fighter in this world will never quit just because one bullet 'make a hole in their body'...a true fighter is the one who can stand up every time they hit by a bullet.

Again and again,...

The secret of success is consistency of purpose...

What is your purpose here guys...?Ask yourself...

Some are very proud to get excellent result...well, congrats...

But, never forget your purpose and focus...remember, always give your all and your best every time, maintain or even increase your spirit every semester...

Not only 1st, 2nd or 3rd and so on...but, always.

Our journey is still on the floor of the front door, not even close to the stairs...

Get happy, smile and laugh...then focus back.

A true fighter sees bullet flying, a weak fighter sees only enemy approaching...if you know what I mean.

So, I know to get what ever you want, is not simply just saying that you want it...

Mark my words, you can go the distance, if you be strong...
Every mile will be worth...
As long the faith towards your purpose and goal exist.

Road to success may be bumpy,
may be slippery,
but never look back,
keep going,
once you fall never give up,
never quit,

'Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit."

Live your life,
Strive the best,

Like a shooting star,
You will go the distance,
till you find a place...that you desire.

"There is no such thing as I can't, only I won't. If you're qualified, all it takes is a burning desire to accomplish, to make a change. Go forward, go backward. What ever it takes! But you can't blame other people or society in general. It all comes from your mind. When we do the impossible we realize we are special people..." - Jan Ashford

Remember guys, everyone is a special person...find your strength.

Till then,

Salam and see you all again.

Affirmation - " We will be a 'diamond' and own 15 major companies by 25th June 2020".

I believe I can Fly.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

The day that I'm Waiting for...

Hi ...Salam,

How r you guys...?
It's been a while since my last update ya...

Erm...still tired from vacation for both of us. The holidays were so great and memorable for us. I know, every vacations or holidays to somewhere will costs us money...but what is money compare to your wife's happiness. I know, she want it...for her 'mental recovery' from the incident. I arrange the holiday for her...Love you sayang...

15/02/09 (Sunday) is the day which all of us will maybe crying, smiling, jumping, crawling or even blurred. Why?Today the examination results will be posted on the wall. For those who think they will pass the exam, congrats and for those who in doubt...never do that if you think you already put an effort.

Some of us may say, just Tawakkal and 'Berserah'...well its your opinion.

But, let me tell you what I think. There were several classifications of people..

  1. Some people, they never have an effort to get Excellent or even Pass...but they still using 'Tawakkal'....= Wrong thinking
  2. Some people, before exam they never have 'Tawakkal' in what they're doing...= Naa...Wrong thinking
  3. Some people, after exam then applying 'Tawakkal'...= Still Wrong thinking
  4. Some people, during exam baru nak 'Tawakkal'...= No...Again Wrong thinking
  5. Few, using only 'Tawakkal' as they're weapon...reason, It's what our religious asked us ...Tawakkal...= WRONGGGGG...(Tawakkal without'll risk yourself)

...I read this one book saying, "Putting a Faith @ Tawakkal is not during, finishing or ending or even after your journey towards Success. But, you must have it directly after you planned to get it."

How many of you like that...?

Ask yourself...change you mind setting.

Put your Faith @ Tawakkal today...not tomorrow or during exam. HAVE IT TODAY BEFORE YOU ENTER YOUR FIRST SESSION IN CLASSROOM.

Have faith in your teacher, your concentrations, your revisions, your notes or even your readings.


...Again, more questions for you...

Have you revised your Goal for this semester...?
Have you revised your Goal Card?
Have you put yourself in winners circle?

Well, for you who want to get Excellent, let us revised and do it together ya...

I know It will never promise and guaranteed us SUCCESS, but without doing that, I'm sure It will promise us NOTHING.


See you all soon.

May Allah Bless our Result today ya...



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What will happen tomorrow...?

Today 04/02/09 will be the most exciting moment in our life.

Sharp at 10pm we will depart from Mansoura to .............. .

This journey will bring us (3) to somewhere that nobody ever imagine. Some of our friend went back to Malaysia, some to south of Egypt, some to west, some to UK, and some to Turkey.

The only thing I could tell you, our journey was planned few days ago, in only 1 night with only 3 person included.

Erm, what is actually we plann ah...isk? Nobody knows and nobody will...

Why? Suke hati kitoranglah...hahaha.

And what will happen tomorrow...Are we will go to__________?

Where will these 3 guys go?

UK, Paris, Luxor, Aswan, M'sia, Singapore, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq (just joking), Sudan, Capetown, Cyprus, US, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France or just Alexandria, Egypt.

U will never know...

Cause our dream will lead us somewhere that written in our 'Dream Book'.

p/s: to all of our friends that went back to M'sia, enjoy your holiday. To others that can't go anywhere, try again...


Affirmation - "We will be a 'diamond' and own 15 major companies by 25th June 2020..." - AzmyDk (Impossible is Nothing, As long as your Dream alive...)