Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm gonna be a father...

Salam all,

Alhamdullillah...several weeks had past over and my wife now in Second Trimester of pregnancy. How happy I felt when previous ultrasound scan, I can see my baby's face.

I love u my darling and my strong and be nice k...!!!

Papa love u both !!!


The Results of a Dream

Salam All, me and my wife struggling in a new semester ...Semester 9 in Mansoura-Manchester Medical Program. It's quite tough as it is combination of several specialties in medicine; Neurology, Neurosurgery, Rheumatology, Orthopedics and Psychology. Tough but not so tough to prevent us achieving our goal and dream.

Last 2 days, our previous semester 8 results has been revealed and Alhamdullillah...we still belong to the best among the best and stick into Top 10 best student. It is such a great feeling as we never expect to have it. Why? Because as we remember, we were sent back to Malaysia during Egypt Revolution on 25 January 2011 and was sent here back 2 days before final exam. So, without enough time, appropriate study skills and enough revision, we attended the exam with hope and some accumulation of knowledge.

As you all might want to know, the exam of semester 8 was (I think) the peak among all semester. We need to master the Obstetrics, Gynecology and Paediatrics subject in one whole semester, which in conventional (Not MMMP), they took it in one year. Just imagine how pack the information need to be gain and digest. Fuhhh....

Actually, I am not intentionally tell you all this story....or just to exposed my pride in being the top student. But I want to share to you how a big dream may save situation.

I have a big dream to get Excellent results every year including last and this year. Everyday I imagine the moment of being number one in the semester, day and night and awake or just before sleep. I try to help others and collected some people to get together and organized a study group. So, here the Goal and effort will walks together...

We manage to study all topics since earlier (starting of the semester) and prevent last minute study. This is (which I think) helps much of our 2 remaining days to study before the final exam. This also taught me a lesson..."Never do a last minute effort, perseverance and persistent towards our goal in life".

I thank Allah S.W.T for being there when I felt down and no hope. I try my best to struggle and pray for the effort from Allah S.W.T. Syukur, Alhamdullillah my prayers were granted and I know Allah will protect us from any bad things that people might expected us to get...

Thanks Allah.

By the way, this is what I've called...Dream + Goal + Effort + Faith (Tawakkal) = Success

Thanks and see u all...

P/S: I have no time to correct any grammar or, just read and don't let yourself to be an English Teacher...hehe

Sunday, March 6, 2011

10 Best Things I've Had During Revolution's Holiday

Salam and Good Day All,

It's hardly to believe that almost a year I left this blogging session. My English also got worst...:P

Only to make it as simple as possible I would like to summarize the 10 Best Things I've had during one month period of Revolution's Unplanned Holiday...

1. Vacation to KK and Kuching with family.
2. My wife reveals a good news....
3. Meet Sabah's CM
4. Got 'Angpow' from CM (for Egypt Medical Students)
5. Got my first MacBook...Thanks Mom !!!
6. Free Return Ticket to Egypt
7. Be the first group to return back to Egypt
8. Refilling all the investment account
9. A little bit 'lighter' in weight
10. Meet my lovely niece Azwa ... and now she knows me well !!!

That's all.

C u all soon...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Semester, New Beginning & New Environment

Assalamualaikum and Good Day ,

How are you everyone? Seems, these couple of months have a lot of stuff going on...

On 19 of Sept, that was last week, our new semester had started. This semester will expose us with a challenging but interesting topics, O & G and Paeds. Few days back, we learned basics of O & G...ya, basics but it made us 'spinning during lecture'. But, I think it's all beginning. We will survive...pray for us ya...

Week before we arrived here in Mansoura, our best and closest neighbor/friend, Tina and Fadhil moved to new house, near Gama'a ...far far far away...Ya, feels like lonely...a bit...but hey, we survived for 2 years and 1/2 before they move near us no sweat bah...Good Luck both of you...

Lastly, just now just finish sky-ping with our little Azwa, my niece (daughter ya...don't like to be called niece). What a fast growing girl she is...beautiful like her mother, charming like her father and sweet looking like me...heheh..I will post her picture here...We love and miss her so much.

This new Semester our goal is to repeat our Excellent result like previous semester, we have new 'game' to finish...Actually I just reveal my result...nobody knows about this until now even Rumah Sabah. I'm not that kind of expose expose of my result one bah...heheh..


That's all...wassalam



Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is not A matter of how much we know, but it is a matter of how much we apply...


Ya...sounds weird ha...about what stated in this latest post.

Well, believe it or not, most of people in this world are like that. They know, but they have less effort in applying it...I have no time to elaborate more regarding this issue. I bet that most of you, either you realize or not, were covered by people like this, rite? And, I also can't guarantee about my attitude, maybe I know much, but how much I have already applied what I knew...

Erm, such a complicated theory over here...ya mike? No...? OK, never mind...let's take a look about our daily life, and our surroundings...

I will make some examples of 'I know but I don't apply it' attitude...

1st - I know smoking is very dangerous, but I keep smoking

No offense ya for the smokers...even sometimes, when I mixed with smoking friends, I'll take a shot of it..(you know what i mean lah)...

This issue was already 100k times arouses... again and again. Most of people know, smoking can cause a chronic disease not only limited to the lung but also skin, blood, kidney, liver, heart, reproductive system and many others.

But, take a look around you...seems like it is not applicable rite..

2nd - I know investing my money is important, but not me...

Hahaha...everyday, more and more people suffering from financial problems, but take a look around many people that have guts to stand up...and learn how to manage their financial problems, learn how to gain more (besides work double hard), how to invest like a rich people do, and how to mix with people that have knowledge about will find the ratio will be so disappointing.

Ask yourself and look your surrounding...count by fingers, i bet it will be not enough...

Because they're just simply like 'a dog that barks for a thief, but never bite'. Know but never apply...

3rd - I know I should not focus on other things while I'm studying

This is a big issue here in my place where I study. Most youngsters know, they're the hope of their family, nations and even religion to move forward and be a hero for the society.

Sadly, some of them walked far from their original 'road'. Some involved in political minds to 'hate' government, some involved in too many activities (either social or official), some more to the 'game' world, some like to involved in ' how can I suck my parents money' program @ shop for unnecessary things (I know it's your parents' not mine, but one day you'll be a parent rite, I hope you'll understand), some like to investigate on how sleep an be so great by sleeping more than awake, some likes to skip classes so that they will have clean attendance sheet, some likes to discover 'Egypt' and many more...

Ya...the blame is not on you, but the blame should be on YOUR FOCUS !!! Where are they?
You know but why you don't apply it?

For readers, help me find and count, how many of your friends that have this problem...they know what they should do(in any fields & inc. you also ya), but they never do it...

OK...that's it for the examples....

I can lists you hundreds of what most people know, but the matter is, how much they apply what they most counts.

Sorry for bad English, I know it's bad...that's why I wrote it in English...because I know, Practice Makes Perfect. (Besides, I don't have enough time to check, I want to sleep bah...)

P/S : How many of you know that excuses is the enemy of Success? But, how many of you applied & practice not to give excuses in order to Success?

Thanks...and hopefully it helps you all a bit...


AzmyDk 2th July 2.45 am