Sunday, March 6, 2011

10 Best Things I've Had During Revolution's Holiday

Salam and Good Day All,

It's hardly to believe that almost a year I left this blogging session. My English also got worst...:P

Only to make it as simple as possible I would like to summarize the 10 Best Things I've had during one month period of Revolution's Unplanned Holiday...

1. Vacation to KK and Kuching with family.
2. My wife reveals a good news....
3. Meet Sabah's CM
4. Got 'Angpow' from CM (for Egypt Medical Students)
5. Got my first MacBook...Thanks Mom !!!
6. Free Return Ticket to Egypt
7. Be the first group to return back to Egypt
8. Refilling all the investment account
9. A little bit 'lighter' in weight
10. Meet my lovely niece Azwa ... and now she knows me well !!!

That's all.

C u all soon...

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