Thursday, June 12, 2008

4 Quadrants of People...

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Hi, I'm this post I want to share something valuable with you all. As some of us might enter 'working lifestyle' or mediocre life, it is better to know something outside there.

Before I proceed, do you know what is actually we might enter after finishing our studies...I don't mean to let anyone down but this is the fact...JOB !!!
Face the facts that:
  • 80% of people in this world will be working under 20% of people.
  • You might be an employee, self-employed, business owner and Investor.
Now, let me ask you...what do you want to be and in which quadrant you preferred to be?
Are you sure?Let me asked you again...based on what you are doing now, do you think you will be what you expected to be soon...?Do you know what is actually definition on each of the quadrants?

I'm suggesting if you wanted to know more, please read this book by Robert Kiyosaki, The Cashflow Quadrant as I can only share little and perhaps, it is only the summary of the whole story.

Since childhood, I am sure each of us was taught to choose an ambition. Some may wanted to be a doctor, police officer and even a lawyer (No offense to anybody). We've been trained to wake up early in the morning, wear proper and tidy cloth, must be punctual to school, have homeworks, rewards given after achieving 'excellent' in results, never issued what was being told to do in school, mastering some subjects and many more. What is actually the concept trying to show us? Think people...

Yes, since the age of 6 we've been trained to be such a good employee soon. And as you know, employee consists of 80% of people. You will need to get up early, punctual to work, wear proper attire, choose your own speciality and by the end of the month, salary given as rewards. So, your life is not actually your life, but your life was owned by 20% of people, and that might be your employer. Well, it is not wrong...but I bet most of you chose to be Business Owner or Investor in my previous questions, right? So, can I say you are now going to different directions...because you are heading to be good employee..

5 things you should know about being an employee...

  1. Your time is controlled by others...
  2. Your money based on time you spend on working...more work more salary.
  3. Your life is in your boss' hands.
  4. Your opinion is the last option that might be considered.
  5. You will not get your DREAM. As, you have no controlled over time and money.
Now, do you know what are the differences between self-employed, business owner and Investor?

What should we do to be free in controlling our life, time and money. I guest you will get the answers soon...I'm tired now. Chowww....

To be continued...

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GiLli said...

ahaks...nasib baik aku pilih self-employed.... =P~