Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deep Aprreciations From Both of Us

Salam and Good Day,

This post I specially dedicate to some people that help us financially post-operation of my wife. Your effort in helping us will never be forgotten.

Thanks to...

1. PERUBATAN (Egypt) in general especially the higher committee members.
2. PCM (Mansoura Chapter) especially, Saudara Izzat Kamal - President, the 'Kebajikan' commitee - Ain and Izzati, members of PCM and all of you that I forgotten to mention here.
3. BKPSM (Sabah) especially the President - Mr. Amir, and Vice President - Miss Nafsah D. and BKPSM members.

Good Friend stays Forever.....

Personally, thanks to...

1. Taqi
2. Amir Faliq
3. Amir Farhan
4. Fuad
5. Fadhil
6. Siti Naquia
7. Amin
8. Haq
9. Sabu
10. Pah
11. Ijad
12. Kojie, Arep,Sidek & Hafiz Fauzi
13. Wardati, Ja, Dhamirah and Miriam
14. Che Nadia (ZZG)
15. Wani, TJ, Ulfa, Deena, Maya & Mimi
16. Iffah and Effa
17. Mr. Sabli Aliju (Sabah Officer)
18. Yani & Ily
19. Afifah
20. Shafiq
22. Mr. Amat Tawau
23. Khai, Abai & Ayee
24. All of you, that I forgotten to mentioned here but never in my heart.

Thanks for the support...thank you very much. We love you all.

Azmy & Dk

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